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Billerudkorsnäs AB, Sweden – removal of sludge from the aerated lagoons – turnkey project

The chemithermomechanical pulping facility of Billerudkorsnäs AB in central Sweden produces annually more than 90,000 tons of chemithermomechanical pulp. Taking care of the environment is a core strategy of the company.

Treating waste water and sludge to the point where it is harmless is an essential part of the company’s environmental protection program.

In 2015, a project was completed at the Rockhammar plant of Billerudkorsnäs the purpose of which was to remove the sludge accumulated on the bottom of the two aerated lagoons. This was necessary to ensure the function of the lagoons and the entire facility. The client chose the Geotube® method combined with suction dredging, as there were plenty of references in comparable operations for example in Finland.

The implementation was preceded by a thorough testing phase to determine the correct sizing of the geotubes as the best water separation polymers and adequate polymer dosage. The maximum height of the Geotubes® was set at 2.4 meters. Also the amount of water separation polymers per cubic meter of dried sludge was carefully calculated.

The project succeeded with flying colors both from the viewpoint of environmental protection and financially. The lagoons and the entire facility were in operation for the entire duration of the project.

SITO was the project supervisor responsible for both planning and implementation of the work at the site.