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Traffic Accidents on a Map

Helsinki will improve traffic planning with a new system for analyzing traffic accidents.

The police has a traffic accident register that has detailed information about both parties, their behaviour, and the weather conditions in an accident. The city of Helsinki compiles statistics about the accidents in the area and uses the data in traffic planning.

The city planning department’s traffic planning unit has a new system for analyzing accident data. SitoGIS visualizes accident data on a map, which makes it easy to use the data for traffic planning. The system also helps to analyze background information. The goal is to get easily accessible information about accident prone locations and the reasons leading to an accident.

Cost Savings in Upkeep and Reporting

SitoGIS is a browser-based service that replaces the previous workstation-based traffic accident register. The emphasis on the new service is on useability and clear and informative graphics.

You can search for specific accidents or browse accidents according to a certain location. The new system brings cost savings in upkeep and reporting. Because it is browser-based, data transfer and report making is much easier than before.

It is essential to link the traffic information with location information. The basis is the city’s location strategy according to which information is updated only once in one system.

SitoGIS as a Key for Data Warehouse Management and Upkeep

SitoGIS is developed by Sito and it is a service for data warehouse management and upkeep that can be used for many kinds of data warehousing, such as land ownerships; construction, population, and environmental information; traffic accident information, and traffic control equipment.

The user interface for mos is an Internet browser. In addition, SitoGIS Service can be used with location solution software and database-based location information applications.