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The Use of 3D Models in Plan Presentation and Feedback

Sito designed a street and rail plan for road arrangements and level crossings removals in Nissola, Vihti. A web model was made from the simulated plan and it was open for public feedback.

The plan introduced the removal of level crossings and the replacing road connections. The work included the designing of a new street and underpass between Enäranta and Lankilanrinne neighbourhoods.

The design work was done with CityCad and Tekla software. The simulated plan include surface and soil type boundaries, existing structure surfaces, and the designed structures, such as bridges and streets.

A web model of the simulation was released online for public viewing. It is possible to walk, roller skate, or fly with an avatar through the model. Exploring the model is easy, because movement is controlled with a mouse or a keypad. The program has simple instructions for moving in the model. The street and rail plan was introduced with a virtual and a web model to the audience.

The modelled plans will be used in further planning and in the construction planning stage, as well as during construction and maintenance.

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