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The Built Cultural Environment in Northern Haaga

In the 1950’s built northern Haaga living area is counted among the most notable in Helsinki in respect to its cultural history, architectural features, and landscape culture. Built in three stages, this are represents Finnish and Northern construction ideals during the post-war decades. For the first time, consciously and because of the lack of materials, builders strove to create the best possible living conditions for everyday life.

The environmental study of northern Haaga was carried to answer the following question: What elements in the built environment of northern Haaga represent the areas values? The study concentrated on the areas construction history and periodical characteristics. In addition, the focus was on the contemporary landscape and cityscape. The areas values and features were defined through these aspects.

The work was carried out in 2011 and it was commisioned by the Public Works Department in Helsinki in cooperation with Kristina Karlsson, KatiSalonen, and Mona Schalin. The survey report has been published online (address: http//:ksv.hel.fi/fi/julkaisusarjat).