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Subterranean parking lot in the center of Tapiola , Espoo

With more than 400,000 cubic meters of space, Tapiola’s central parking lot is a huge parking cavern. It was built as a side-project to the West Metro and designed during the construction works. Nevertheless, the geotechnical works were actually completed ahead of schedule.

The opening of Tapiola’s subterranean central parking lot, named Tapiola Park, was celebrated in March 2016. Thanks to the opening of Tapiola Park, there are now a total of 2,100 new parking spaces in the center of Tapiola, 1,650 of which are located in the newly opened subterranean parking lot.

Tapiola’s new central parking lot is the largest public subterranean parking lot in Finland to have been built from start to finish in one go. Some areas of the cavern accommodate as many as four levels of parking. The parking lot can be accessed by elevators from the Ainoa and Heikintori shopping malls and from Espoo Cultural Center. Cars can access the subterranean parking lot from the center of a roundabout on Tapiolantie and from Etelätuulentie. The subterranean cavern is extremely vast. Tapiola Park’s total area is 83,470 square meters, which is big enough to house Helsinki Olympic Stadium or four Parliament Houses.

Sito’s role in the project consisted of rock and geotechnical engineering, transport and sign planning, and the structural design of the elevator.

Sito was initially hired to design a parking lot underneath the Heikintori shopping mall in 2006. The project only really got going when a decision was made to extend the Helsinki Metro to Espoo. The foundation stone of the new center of Tapiola and the Tapionaukio parking lot was laid on September 15th, 2011.

Tapiola Park is a property company owned by six other property companies, the City of Espoo and Länsimetro Oy. The biggest shareholder is LähiTapiola. The total investment amounted to approximately EUR 115 million. The lead designer of Tapiola Park was Jukka Hyvämäki from HKP Architects, construction works were the responsibility of Indepro Oy, and the interior was designed by SRV Rakennus Oy. The lead contractor in the Tapionaukio parking lot, which was built earlier and has now been linked to Tapiola Park, was Lemminkäinen Infra Oy, which used the same engineering team’s drawings.