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Road and Bridge Repairs in Honkajoki

Main road 44 is an important road between Satakunta and Southern Ostrobothnia. The section of the road between the crossing at Isojoentie and Kauhajoki city limit was narrow and in poor condition. Sito drew up the road construction plan and was responsible for the site supervision.

10 km of the main road 44 was repaired and straightened on three spots. The road was repaired with foam bitumen, steel nets, and a new coating. The road structures were improved with milling the road surface and applying asphalt concrete or soft asphalt concrete on it. A groundwater area required protection which was done with a bentonite carpet and HDPE film. The groundwater protection was connected to the coating with bitumen sheets and asphalt concrete.

The safety of the main road was increased by renewing the railings and removing any large trees. Unnecessary intersections were removed or connected to other intersections.
Bridge Work        
The pipe bridge at Leppäluoma was renewed and the road was moved to a new location. The bridge at Leppäluoma was moved. The channel had to remain untouched, because it was on a nature trail. Ten new scent stones for otters were placed into the new pipe. The edge beams at the Sillanpää bridge were raised. The bridge’s longitudinal levelling line was raised and the railings were renewed.
The old wood bridge at Paholuoma was taken down and a new steel framed bridge with a wooden deck was built in its stead. The weight limit on the bridge was removed. After the repairs on main road 44 and the renovation of the bridges the traffic safety was greatly improved. The project was done in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southwest Finland, Sito Tampere, Destia, and Sito Rakennuttaminen.

The target fulfils the quality requirements set for it and  was carried out according to plan and on time.

Project information: 
Client: The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southwest Finland
Time frame: 19.9.2011 – 6.9.2012
Target length: approximately 10 km
Average traffic volume per day: 1,000 vehicles, of which 100 were heavy vehicles
Bridges: 2 new ones and 1 raised one