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Restoring of the old sawmill site at Penttilä in Joensuu, Finland

The old Penttilä sawmill area in Joensuu had had industrial processes for almost 100 years. Because of this the soil contained large amounts of harmful substances such as heavy metals, dioxins, and furan. Before starting the construction for living and office spaces in the area, the soil was cleaned and the area rehabilitated.

The area at Penttilänranta has been divided into three separate areas according to old use, future use, and repair goals. The old log basin contained contaminated sediment and it was renovated into a marina by suction dredging. An old landfill area was restored into a scenery area and industrial properties by encapsulating.

The large sawmill area (25 hectares) changed into office and living space by soil replacement and by demolishing the old structures.

Soil Reuse

Sito functioned as the project management consult for repairing the polluted soil at Penttilänranta. The main tasks for the project management consult are preparing and organizing the bidding for acquisitions, reporting the acquisitions to the city, guiding planning and work, and getting supervision.

The repairs were carried out according to the quality control model for environmental projects. Approximately 1,000,000 tons of polluted and clean soil and sediment was moved in the area. 95 % of the polluted land was directed to reuse according to the quality control model.

Someone to Do Quality Planning and Zoning

The aim was to get someone who can do quality planning and execution, and with whom the city can continue drafting a zoning plan. The most important goal is to offer quality living and office spaces close to the city centre. “The second important goal is to cover the land repair costs and the investments with the profits from the real estate deals,” says city Project manager Tero Toivanen.

Project information:

Total surface area: approximately 40 hectares
Polluted sawmill area: approximately 26 hectares
Old log basin: approximately 3 hectares
Old landfill: approximately 7 hectares
Polluted soil: 280,000 m3
Polluted sediment: 35,000 m3