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Restoration of Häpesuo Landfill

The area of Häpesuo landfill, which was taken out of use in the mid 1960s, will be restored during the project by removing contaminated soil and landfill waste.

The Häpesuo landfill, which has been taken out of use, is located at an important groundwater site, so restoration will secure the supply of water to the city. The area, which is located close to the center of Nokia, will be cleaned for commercial and residential purposes. The deadline for the restoration is in January 2017 when an extensive retail unit will be built in the area (Prisma).

Waste at the landfill will be removed and replaced with clean soil. The handling of the unconfined aquifer of the landfill is an important part of the restoration. Before the restoration, properties in the area that have been in industrial and commercial use will be demolished.

Sito Rakennuttaminen (Project Management) provides the project organization for the duration of the bidding and implementation work of the Häpesuo landfill restoration. We have selected a suitable group of constructors from our personnel who have an extensive amount of experience and competence on construction and implementation of construction projects to take care of the tasks of this project. The construction tasks of the project have been divided between a project manager, a local supervisor and especially a safety coordinator who is familiar with the administration and supervision of occupational safety.”

Construction expert tasks, supervision of the site , safety coordinator’s tasks