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Pyhtää Municipality’s Measurement Technology as a Customer Service

The demands on measurement technology have increased with technological development. This is challenging for smaller municipalities. Pyhtää municipality with its 5,000 citizens has solved the problem by buying services from Sito.

An essential part of the cooperation is base map maintenance. In addition, Sito takes care of the production and maintenance of other maps and plans; takes statements to officials; organizes requests for tender; acquires property ownership information for planning; and additional maps for municipality rural trade.

Cooperation with Pyhtää started with a freeway construction project between Koskenkylä and Kotka in which Pyhtää municipality needed external help.

Buying Services in Municipal Mergers

Sito can manage a portion or all of the tasks in measurement technology for the municipality. This service is good for municipalities that have little or no expertise in measurement technology.

“The municipality will receive the know how of several experts for the price of one,” says Sito’s service manager Erno Puupponen.

Buying services help in municipal mergers, where location data has to be coherent and maps need to cover the whole of the municipality. Smaller municipalities do not necessarily have the know how and larger municipalities do not have the resources.