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Parking Lot at Tapionaukio

Tapionaukio parking lot in Espoo was finished in 2013. S

The underground parking lot has 330 parking spaces. There will be a tunnel leading to the parking lot from the future roundabout in Tapiola.  The concrete section of the parallel tunnel leading to Tapiola underground parking lot will be located next to Tapionaukio’s park and parking area.

The execution of the underground parking lot has required a very deep excavation reaching below the ground water reservoir and the bottom has been carved into rock. The sides of the excavation were supported with sheetpile walls that were fortified with jet grouting. As a part of the ground water reservoir management system, the drainage was soaked into the soil.

On top of the parking lot deck is Tapiola’s temporary bus terminal and an additional 120 parking spaces. Instead of traditional solutions, deck load reduction was achieved with foam glass.