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Lupapiste Service Provides Permits and Announcements

Lupapiste is a new service, where citizens, businesses, and communities can handle all permit matters with officials and other concerned parties. The service benefits everybody.

E-service covers all aspects of the project from first contact to project completion, be it balcony glazing or construction of a shopping center.

Lupapiste is a service, where you can apply for a construction permit and handle all transactions with an official electronically. The service links municipality officials, constructors, designers, and other experts together. Applications and data are transferred directly into the municipality’s system for decision making.

Lupapiste service is a part of Ministry of Finance’s Action Programme on eServices and eDemocracy (SADe). The service was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and the service providers are Sito, Solita, and IBM. Lupapiste is a service that is immediately available for municipalities.

Through Lupapiste service you can enquire about your construction project in all of the municipalities in Finland. At the moment, permit applications can be submitted in Järvenpää, Naantali and Mikkeli. Starting from January 2014 the service will gradually be available in all of Finland.