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Kevitsa Mine – independent quality control

Kevitsa Mine, Sodankylä/Finland –  independent quality control of the environmental protection structures and dam mine works 2014, 2015 >

Sito’s tasks in the project
• Determining the exact level of the quality control functions in cooperation with the authorities and the customer. This task is carried out according to the project/contract in question.
• Drawing up of the quality assurance programme for the independent quality controller
• Inspection of the execution of construction works in compliance with the design and when visitng the site, reviewing the quality and the materials used for work
• Parallel field- or laboratory measurements at the site
• Weekly work-time reporting both to the customer and to the authority
• Reporting the observed deviations and approval/review of corrective actions
• Participation in authorities’ periodic quality control inspections
• Reviewing of the contractor’s quality control documents prior to reception of the works
• Drawing up of the final report after the implementation of the works, provided the contractor has delivered all the required quality control documents.

Sito’s supervision projects:
(on site supervision by Mr Hannu Heikkilä)

• Depot for nickel enrichment, dense asphalt, 2014
• Komatsu maintenance depot, HDPE transparency –membrane, 2014
• Elevating the capacity of the surface runoff-field´s pumping station, 2014
• Waste rock area 2A, peat sealing, 2014-2015
• Waste rock area 1B, bentonite cover /peat sealing, 2015
• Tailing pool A – raising the edge bank towards the upstream, 2015
• Tailing pool A – test bank, 2014
• Extension of the refueling station, HDPE transparency membrane, 2015

Customer: FQM Kevitsa Mining Ltd
Kevitsa nickel and copper mine, Sodankylä, Finland
Operations cover excavation of ore and leftover rock in an open pit, crushing and
grinding, enrichment of nickel and copper concentrates and banking of wastes,
such as tailings and leftover rock.
–  Mine became operational in 2012
–  Estimated number of employees in 2014 was 340. The amount of contractors
exceeded 200 in 2014.