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Kauriala Master Plan

The Kauriala master plan area is situated just over 1 km from the Hämeenlinna city centre. The area is an old business district with car dealers and car repair shops. The central location of the area supports its change into an residential area. The future residents will have easy walking and biking distance to all services.


The interim town plan was done to map out the areas possible future number of residents and their placement. The end result is an interim town plan which can be used as base for the planning of the area.

The interim town plan shows the possible plot and real estate boundaries and the proposed building rights. The work also examines the possible building types by city block. The surrounding buildings will be taken into account and the plan mostly outlines a city block that is tightly built and the buildings will be low.

Special attention has been put to execution, because there are several land owners in the area. This requires that the plan be executed in stages and one plot at a time.

The design solution calls for above ground parking, because the areas topography and Hämeenlinna’s real estate markets do not support underground parking. The estimated building rights will be at 55,000 square kilometres and the estimated amount of new residents is 1,100.

Similar restructure areas can be found all around Finland, because society’s structure is changing from a industrial society to a post-industrial society.

Project Information

Client: City of Hämeenlinna

Interim town plan surface area: approximately 16,7 hectares.

Project duration: 2012-2013