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General Traffic Count Under Way

The task is to produce traffic volume data on Finland’s road network for The Finnish Transport Agency’s road register.

An Eight Year Service

The maintenance of traffic volume data on the entire road network is a part of the general traffic count service. Each year, new traffic volume data is generated for approximately a quarter of the road network with counters at sample points. At a yearly basis, approximately 3,500 sections have a counting time of one week. Some sections are counted only once each year, while other sections are counted several times during the count period.

New traffic volume data for the ‘uncounted’ sections are ‘constructed’. The constructed result is combined with the data from the automated traffic count points to form data classes 201 and 202 in the road register. Sito’s counting equipment also produce speed data from the count points.

In addition to the yearly calculations on the road network, the service includes the maintenance of the count system and service development. During the service period, the focus is on data quality, modern data services, and the development of data usability.

Transport researches ”from One Place”

Sito increases its transport research services with traffic count. Our services include traffic census, bicycle and pedestrian traffic count, trough traffic count, and destination surveys. We will coordinate all necessary sectors of the research and report the results in a format most suitable for further use.