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General plan of central areas in the municipal of Leppävirta

The planning area consist of Leppävirta’s central area which is expected to grow in term of population in the future. The general is a tool for coordinating housing business, and industrial activities as well as recreational and natural areas.

Traffic planning supports biking and walking, and improves traffic safety. A goal for the general plan was to include tourism related land use seamlessly into the structure of the urban area.

Before drafting the plan, two alternative development models were made: comprehensive and centralized. The models were evaluated and compared with the BREEAM Communities method, which is a way to evaluate ecological and social sustainability of a project. The municipality chose the centralized model as the basis for the general plan, because the comparison showed that it is more cost efficient and sustainable. The centralized model aims at boosting the central business district of the municipality. Housing is centralized within a three km radius of the town centre.

Project information:

Client: Leppävirta Municipality

Plan surface area: approximately 3 300 hectares.

Project duration: 2012-2014