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Ehrenströmintie bridge (Olympia Terminal), Helsinki, Special inspection

Completed in 1952 for the Olympics in Helsinki, the bridge is located in a very challenging location in the center of Helsinki, in front of the Olympia Terminal. A special inspection of the bridge was carried out as the basis for repair planning. The project was challenging due to the bridge’s diversity, variable structures and connection with other structures.

The bridge was in need of a renovation due to its age and condition. An optional method was to renew the bridge so the condition and reparability of the bridge had to be investigated. The special inspection was ordered from Sito in the autumn of 2012. Based on the inspection and research results, the condition of the bridge and necessary repairs were identified. Based on the inspection, it was concluded that the bridge could be repaired, but the repair procedures had to be started urgently.

Repair planning was started in 2013. According to the repair plan, the surface structures of the bridge had to be renewed, including moisture insulation, side bars and railings; concrete damage on the bottom surface of the deck structure and intermediate supports had to be repaired, and the surfaces were protection-coated in their entirety. Expansion joint structures were implemented as elevated mass expansion joints. The repair planning was challenging due to the variable shape of the bridge deck and its height variations, previous repairs, cabling and several expansion joints. As the surface area of the bridge is extensive, repairs were planned to be completed in phases, as vehicle and unprotected road user traffic at the bridge and the Olympia Terminal had to be continued without interruption for the entire duration of the repairs. The principal planning of the traffic arrangements during the project was also included in the repair planning commission. The contractor prepared the final traffic arrangement plans. Bridge repairs according to the repair plan were completed at the end of 2014.

With the help of the special inspection, the quality and extent of necessary repair procedures and a cost estimate of the restoration were defined. On the basis of the inspection, the restoration of the bridge was started with an exceptionally rapid schedule. It was also important to preserve the infrastructure of a cultural history significance in a prestigious populated environment.

Special inspection 2012
Repair planning 2013
Bridge repair 2014