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Designs for Vallilanlaakso Park and Kumpula Stream Storm Waters

The aim of the project, ordered by Public Works Department in Helsinki, was to prevent any flooding in the Vallila allotment gardens caused by the Kumpula Stream. The problem will be solved according to Helsinki city’s storm water strategy. Vallilaakso Park will get wet ponds that will improve the quality of the water flowing into the bay.

Kumpula Stream’s channel was partly restored. Two new wet ponds will be built into the park area. In addition, the retention capacity in the existing ponds will be strengthened with dams. An almost 2 meter high noise barrier with plants will be built along Mäkelä street.  The current, old plants will be replaced by several new plants. The valley shaped area will restored by removing the old rail embankment next to the stream’s channel.

The plans drafted in 2012-2014 included the Vallilalaakso Park plans, the Kumpula Stream storm water runoff calculations, the Kumpula Stream’s hydraulic modelling at Vallilaakso Park, and avirtual model that shows the rain flooding situations in 2, 5, 20, and 50 years time. The Vallilalaakso area is challenging from a geotechnical point of view.

The area’s residents took part in the planning, which was a challenging process.