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Coordinating the Construction of Kalasatama Centre in Helsinki

The coordination of the construction management of  Kalasatama Centre in Helsinki comprises e.g. drafting of  budget estimates  and  preliminary plans for 10 years, drawing up of construction contract division maps and  schedules, coordination reports and project bank maintenance.

The coordination of the construction management of Kalasatama Centre, Helsinki, includes e.g :

Supervision of the planning, supervision and coordination of design assignments and construction  of the whole area,  schedule management
Budgeting of planning, design and construction and management of costs.  Managing and mapping the risks involved in the construction of the area.
Liasing between the client, interest groups, area planners and developers, and coordinators.  Establishing and maintaining a project bank for municipal engineering.

The client is the city of Helsinki Public Works Department’s street and park unit and the project started in 2008.