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Construction Supervision at Wastewater Pump Station in Penttilänranta, Joensuu

With the new pump station, wastewater from Penttilänranta, Niinivaara, and Karsikko will be directed to Kuhasalo wastewater treatment plant.

Previously the wastewater was led through a pipeline under Pielisjoki to a pump station in Hasaniemi from where it was pumped to Kuhasalo. The new wastewater pump station will reduce environmental risks and improve the functions of the network.

Challenges in  the construction were soil type and foundation placement. The foundation was placed 7 meters below ground level and approximately 3 meters below the river level. To make construction safer and easier, the excavation area was covered with 12 meter long steel piles.

Only a small portion of the pump station is visible above ground. It houses the electrical and automation center and the entrance to the underground facility. The underground section of the pump station consists of the suction tank and pump room. Above the pump room there is a maintenance space that houses the valves and gauges. Repair and maintenance work can be carried out safely in the maintenance space.

There is 380 m3 of concrete and 36 tons of steel in the station’s structures. There are 4 automatic centrifugal pumps. The modern automation center is connected to the main control room of water company Joensuun vesi.

The artwork on the pump station cladding was designed and done by visual artist Heidi Vasara.

Sito was responsible for construction supervision and safety coordination.  Joensuu’s water company was the developer and their representative was Anne Savolainen. The main constructor in the project was Kesälahden Maansiirto Oy.