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Construction Plans Conveniently from the Internet

Arska is a customer service created by Sito and maintained by Helsinki city Building Inspection Department for searching and buying of construction plans of buildings in Helsinki. Arska is based on Louhi Sales Solution, which helps organisations to sell and distribute electronic materials online.

The electronic Arska Service is an easy and fast way to get construction plans from the Internet.


Electronic services are not bound by time.

“Before Arska, 17,000 customers visited the building inspection archives annually and 80,000 plan copies were sold yearly. The sales were done by personal customer service which required 8 full time employees.

“The archive customer service point was open at specific times and customers were also able to book a separate time for personal assistance,” says head of archives in Helsinki city Building Inspection Department Olli Turunen. With Arska, customers can get construction plans easily, no matter what the time is.

Over 2.5 Million Scanned Documents

The plans from Arska Service are scanned copies of the original plans. The service is updated whenever new construction plans come to the Building Inspection Department to be archived.

To make Arska possible, over 2.5 million documents were scanned into electronic form and every building received a permanent identification code. “Helsinki city is the first city in Finland to give all of its buildings permanent identification codes. A national standard is being developed for their use,” says Turunen.

An Open Service for All

Construction plans can be found easily from the map-based service by searching with the buildings address, permanent identification code, construction plan number, or product number. The chosen plans can be paid through Internet banking after which the plans are downloadable to your own computer or they can be sent to an email address.

Olli Turunen thinks it is significant that the pressure on customer service at the Building Inspection Department’s archives has decreased after the launch of Arska and that construction plans are now sold online 24/7. Management of electronic transactions, payments, and reliable user identification is important due to the increase in electronic services.