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Centre of Rovaniemi: component master plan

Rovaniemi City Centre general plan by Sito steers operational development as well as cityscope.. The target is a high-quality, attractive and pleasant city – through reasonable and practicable means.

The target of the work initiated in April 2010 is to steer the implementation of a good urban environment – in a flexible manner but also resolutely so that the goals set are implemented in the zoning, the planning of individual projects and the design of the city’s public spaces.

The vigorous demand for residences focused on the centre as a significant starting point of the Rovaniemi centre component master plan. According to the forecasts, the area’s population will grow by 6,000 by the year 2030. The development of services and commerce, traffic and recreational routes as well as the conduiting of drainage water rose as important themes alongside the demand for construction and cityscape policies.

Versatile interaction

Sito’s versatile interaction expertise was applied to the effort. During the work, three alternatives came into being which were illustrated by means of virtual models. The virtual model was an essential part of the interaction and comparison of alternatives.

The component master plan draft completed in May 2011 on the basis of the opinions and statements obtained from the three alternative structural models is founded on the zone model, where the current urban structure of the city centre is concentrated. This was also the most reasonable one as based on the initial cost examinations.

The component master plan for the centre was prepared in close cooperation as well as interactively with the city’s service sectors, city inhabitants and various interest groups. During the work, an open survey was performed, through which both the good sides and the problematic aspects of the city centre were surveyed as support for continuing planning.

Project data:

Customer: City of Rovaniemi

Surface area of planning zone: approximately 30 ha

Approved 12 November 2012 in the City Council