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Bicycle Tunnel in Töölönlahti

Sito has drafted a master plan of the Töölönlahti underground bicycle tunnel in Helsinki that will make commuting from Baana to Kaisaniemenpuisto much easier.

For Easier Bicycling

On Töölönlahdenkatu the bicycle tunnel connects with a covered area with an elevator, stairs, and a two way ramp for bicyclists. Under the rail yard the tunnel connects with another tunnel. Traffic in the 7.2 m wide tunnel is separated into two lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians.

A Cross Section of Töölönlahti

Managing the Whole with a Model

The master plan was drafted by modelling with Tekla Structures software. In addition to the structures of the actual bicycle tunnel, the surrounding structures were also modelled. During the drafting process the model was used to present solutions and mapping out problem areas, especially concerning the structures for level change.

Method planning was an essential part of drafting for the busy train station area. The tunnel was placed so that a section of the tunnel can be built in stages outside the rail area by moving the fixed stops. The section connecting with the existing tunnel has to be built by using a support bridge.