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We believe we can do more as a team than just individually! That is why our employees take part in the development of our operations and plan new solutions. It’s no wonder that we at Sito have great work morale and a nice atmosphere. Welcome!

Why is Sito a good workplace?

We are constantly looking for experts in infrastructure, traffic, the environment, and communications technology to join our continuously evolving and diverse group. We offer design projects with a varying degree of difficulty in our offices around Finland. We also believe in sustainable development when it comes to our employees. Our appreciation for our employees and in the investment in their well-being at work speaks for it.

As a forerunner in our field, we can offer diverse projects

As one of the leading companies, we have the opportunity to offer our professionals interesting projects from different steps of the work chain from consulting planning to construction and maintenance. We are up-to-date on changes in our field of operation and we constantly develop services and solutions to fit the needs of our clients.

We Invest in the Well-being of Our Employees

In addition to know-how, employee well-being is the key to future success. That is why we aim to develop the functionality of our work community, to make sure everybody is managing well, and take in to consideration employee needs and expectations. We offer our employees comprehensive health care benefits in addition to possibilities for career advancement. The work community is supported by a good work atmosphere, different networks, and hobbies. We support you in reaching your personal goals.

Responsibility is part of our company culture

We operate responsibly and we maintain an open company culture. We want to preserve good conventions and develop our operations towards our vision of the future. We also encourage our employees to take part in the development of the company. With our quality policy, we aim to to uphold the high level of quality, and with our environmental program we actively take responsibility of our environment.

Good Results Are Noticed

We have competitive salaries and a natural part of our company culture is to reward success and good performances.  In addition to good benefits, a wide range of rewards encourage our employees to be active and operate in a responsible and goal-oriented fashion.