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Urban spaces and cityscape

We offer all services related to the planning of outdoor spaces.  As our client, you get enthusiastic specialist expertise. Our services cover urban planning, technical solutions, concept design and lighting.

At your disposal are top experts in street engineering  urban and traffic planning, and landscape design. We are familiar with the most advanced technology in our field. We also follow demanding ethical, aesthetic and ecological principles, together with certified quality systems.

Products and services:

  • Cityscape
    We prepare plans, instructions manuals and impact assessments connected with cityscape.
  • Public urban space
    We conceptualize and plan urban public spaces in cooperation with our clients. Our reference projects include for instance, pedestrian areas and related guidance systems.
  • Architecture and design
    City space-related architectural design, fittings and accessories.
  • Art
    We plan environmental artworks ourselves as well as with some of the most renowned artists in the field.
  • Skill structures
    We plan bridges and noise barriers tuned into the cityscape.
  • Traffic planning
    Traffic networks, traffic plans for city centres, traffic plans for parking facilities, construction period traffic planning.
  • Traffic functionality inspections
    Traffic functionality inspections including macro-, meso- and micro levels.
  • Traffic guidance
    City centre direction, areal direction plans and the marking of outdoor recreational routes. Design of traffic signs and portals
  • Accessibility
    Accessibility projects and products, cities’ accessibility plans, accessibility strategies, the planning of relief maps and relief guidance as well as information signs for the visually impaired.
  • Lighting
    Our expertise covers the outdoor light sectors from city centres and parks to streets, roads and tunnels, with attention also given to façade lighting and illuminated art.
  • Street engineering
    We prepare plans related to streets and other master plans a, including the required water supply and conduit transfers. Our scope includes general design as well as construction plans.