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Reuse of excess materials

We offer, together with the Environment -service area, planning for the management of masses from the planning stage to the implementation of the area, with the permit processes taken into consideration.

Our services enable tailored data services for the customer’s needs (for instance, use of the Louhi service), which together with the expertise of our specialists produce not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective solutions

We produce services, solutions and products for effectively saving nature

  • to support the material effectiveness and control of materials
  • to reduce the use of virgin natural resources and the formation of the waste
  • to support the material circulation and
  • takes into consideration the necessary logistic solutions and various structures

Products and services:

  • Studies and reports
  • Plans and strategies
  • Planning and advice of the productive use of materials
  • Environmental licences Logistics reports
  • Planning of dumps, building and impartial supervision of the quality
  • Industry by-products of and trade and utilising of them
  • Handling of sludges