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Environmental property and environmental solutions

Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. In addition to project management, construction contracting and supervisory services, we endeavour to look for innovative technologies and solutions advancing the interests of the client for each project. Our long-term experience as specialists in environmental and material technologies provides good readiness for this.

Our core know-how is restoration projects of the dumps and of contaminated soils. We manage the planning and the realization of the restoration process, the risk analyses, the permission processes together with Sito’s experts,  and the whole tendering process and project supervision.

After the restoration of the contaminated soil the area can later be economically and safely be used for new designed purpose taking into consideration the environmental boundary conditions. We take care of the quality supervision of the solutions with both documentation, the site visits and the laboratory  and field measurings. Together with our experienced professionals, the process goes smoothly and the risk of unexpected delays becomes smaller.

We adapt innovative technologies and solutions to our projects. For handling of sludges, we have adapted the GeoTube-technology, which can effectively be used to dry and process sludges from industrial plants and factories as well as sludges of eutrophic lakes.