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Digital services for municipalities

Through our productized, regional or municipality-specific digital cloud services, we improve the maintenance of the basic registers, zoning, building control, and related services provided by municipalities’ technical offices, the management of infrastructure property, as well as mobility and transport services.

louhi_150Louhi Municipal Server
Louhi Municipal Server is an everyday tool for municipal authorities for managing official processes.
It collects municipalities’, stakeholders’ and the central government’s IT systems and information in one, centralized map-based information management solution.

louhi_150Louhi Shop
Louhi Shop is an online shop for the sale and distribution of an organization’s electronic materials and data on the Internet.


International consulting services for municipal spatial data infrastructure (MSDI)
Sito has specified and set up municipal SDI’s (spatial data infrastructure) for more than 50 municipalities in Finland. We have also been consulting The World Bank and two Indonesian cities for setting up the MSDI.