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Circular Economy

We provide cost-efficient and environmentally friendly services for our customers’ needs. We take care of the project planning, any required permits, contacts with the authorities, project management, construction contracting and supervision. We also seek innovative technologies and solutions for each project. We have long experience as specialists in environmental and material technologies.


Our core competences are in the reuse of excess materials, in dredging and port projects, and in the rehabilitation of dumpsites and contaminated soils.

We provide project  implementation from planning, risk analyses and permit processes to tendering and supervision.

In reuse projects, we improve the quality of residential or natural environment cost-efficiently by means of noise management or landscaping. Rehabilitation of contaminated soil allows an area to be taken to the planned use economically and safely, while observing the environmental conditions of the area.

We ensure the quality of all solutions through on-site supervision, laboratory and field measurements, documentation and reporting.

When an experienced professional is involved, the process proceeds smoothly and the client’s risk for unexpected delays is reduced. We strive to be involved in projects at as early a stage as possible. We apply innovative technologies and solutions to projects. We have applied “geotube technology” to the drying and processing of industrial sludge and eutrophic lake silt.