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Bridges and structures

We generate expert and design services for bridges and other skill structures so that, as our customer, you can manage and utilize the information produced during the entire lifecycle of the site.

We offer design and expert services respective to bridges and other skill structures from individual pipe bridges to the country’s largest route projects.  Our service covers all planning stages from preliminary planning to maintenance. All building materials, concrete, steel, wood and stone are familiar to us.

Design by data modelling  is an essential part of our normal planning processes. We use computer modelling at various planning stages and we are continuously developing solutions and operational models for the combination of route and skill structure computer models and for effective use.

Our expert services in the maintenance of skill structures are, moreover, at your disposal in all tasks concerning the monitoring of the condition of structures, procedural programming and the planning of repair investments, as well as their realization.

Our experts are actively involved in the development of the field. We formulate planning instructions for various clients connected with, for instance, the design of skill structures, their inspection and refurbishment plans. We also do independent design reviews concerning skill structures prepared by other consultants for various clients.