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Urban planning and land use planning

Through urban planning, zoning, land use and urban environment planning, functional and visually high-quality living environs are created. We offer cities, municipalities and building firms as well as our other partners solid experience and versatile expertise in the various sectors of urban planning. In our operations, we value innovative solutions and an interactive planning process.

We offer versatile expertise which covers the extensive field of entire urban design encompassing all aspects.

Our areas of expertise

  • Land use planning, zoning and surveys
  • Assessment of impacts, assessment tools
  • Strategies, structural model work, development scenarios
  • Town planning in detail, block plans
  • Interaction, city research, barometers
  • Cityspace and immediate environs, including plans, instructions, manuals and impact assessments
  • Development of city centres: conceptual and master plans as well as public city space
  • Planning, architecture and design of urban environment
  • Architect planning of skill structures incl. bridges and noise barriers
  • Non-impeded accessibility connected with the planning of the urban environment