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Underground spaces and tunnels

Underground construction is future construction

Through underground construction, it is possible to improve the quality of the environment and life by placing functions beneath the earth surface that may not have to be placed on the surface or which cause detriment, such as traffic routes, large halls and warehouses. With rock construction, it is possible to add services into a ready-constructed environment by placing, e.g. sport, leisure and parking facilities as well as maintenance tunnels underground.

Sito’s planning services include all underground spaces and tunnels as well as open excavations that are challenging from the rock engineering perspective from project design to planning during construction period. By means of our  partners in cooperation, we are able to offer the customer integrated design of underground spaces and tunnels.

Our special areas of expertise are

  • Rock resource surveys
  • Main planning for rock construction sites
  • General and architectural planning for rock areas and tunnels
  • Rock construction planning for rock areas and tunnels
  • Planning of demanding opencast mining sites