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Storm waters and natural water system construction

The goal of the management of storm waters is to reduce or minimize water economy- and ecologically-based detriment caused by construction. Artificial recharge, delay, filtration, clarification and purification by means of vegetation are, as methods for natural handling, an essential part of the management of storm waters, and their planning requires expertise in water-related construction.

Through natural management of storm waters, we attempt to minimize the surface runoff generated from constructed surfaces as well as flood peaks, in addition to improving the possibilities for the formation of seepage and ground water, whereupon the soil maintains naturally moist environs also when built-up. The natural management of storm waters improves the microclimate and has a positive impact on both human comfort and the success of vegetation. In addition, the water discharged on surrounding waterways is cleaner, which exerts a positive influence on water quality. By means of the natural handling of storm waters, there is also allowance for climate change, as both heavy rainfall and dry periods are anticipated to increase with time.

Sito’s storm water services

Sito’s storm water team is made up of planners from various fields who offer versatile and professional consulting also in technically quite demanding projects from the management of  storm waters to water-related construction and foundation engineering. Our services are comprised of drainage basin and storm water surveys, the management of storm waters connected with the planning of land use on the master plan and town-planning levels, the general and construction plans for storm water structures, storm water manuals and instructions, taking care of permit issues in accordance with the Water and Environment Protection Acts, water maintenance plans, arrangements for planning, construction contracting, consulting on upkeep, training and the organization of study trips.