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Rail transport

Our rail transport specialist service covers all railway, underground and tram traffic inspections and development projects from traffic planning to project assessments and interference management, taking the perspectives of both passenger and freight traffic into consideration.

Rail transport is the most environmentally-friendly traffic format

The development of rail transport-related consulting and planning services is an important part of Sito’s traffic and logistics-based services. We consider the significance of rail transport from the perspective of Finland’s competitive edge as an important object for development, and we serve our customers in accordance with sustainable development and an environmental orientation, with the needs of our customers in mind.

Rail transport2We have been successfully involved in many rail transport development and requirement surveying projects in developing trail transport as the traffic mode that is friendliest to the environment in Finland.


Our special areas of expertise are

  • Rail transport traffic plans
  • Rail transport requirement research
  • Passenger and freight traffic research
  • Project assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Interference management and analyses