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Radio network planning

We offer professional expertise for all types of radio network planning. Typical planning assignments include individual indoor repeater networks, large indoor networks, for example, for office buildings, the regional optimisation of cellular networks, and the planning of large cellular networks. Our radio and mobile network experts have years of versatile experience in demanding planning work, and we handle all assignments with routine and efficiency.

We translate the service level and coverage demands of the assignment into technical requirements and design a network that meets the specific customer needs. We draft plans for repeater and base station placement, antenna placement and direction, cable placement, radio network parameters, and equipment inventories. As necessary, we can take care of communication with network users to chart and accommodate customer needs. While ensuring that service level requirements are met, we also make sure that the network solution is cost-efficient.

Our services also include permit acquisition and construction. We can also take care of obtaining the necessary permits from property owners and other interested parties. We construct networks: we place the necessary orders with contractors and materials suppliers according to the commissioner’s norms, and we take charge of the implementation project.