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Planning street environments

Street environment planning aims to achieve ecological and aesthetically high-standard solutions. Our scope includes designing surfaces and existing vegetation as well as the design of plantings, fixtures and accessories, storm water can be utilized as a self-irrigation system or handled in a natural manner. Close cooperation with other areas of expertise linked with street planning, including maintenance,  ensures a safe and durable result.

Street environments and parks form public space for gathering, strolling and enjoying occasional festivities. Street environments have a significant impact on city scape. Design solutions can enhance the unique character or historical values of a site  through surfaces, planting, furniture, fixtures and lighting. Existing buildings and city structure form the basis of streetscape design in particular when renewing existing environments.

The quality of squares, streets and other public spaces has a major impact on attractiveness of a city. Sito experts varying from designers to technical specialists are available for the planning of even the most demanding public outdoor areas.