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Noise and vibration

We offer high-quality expertise and peak know-how in noise and vibration surveys. Our working field is versatile and it covers wide and complicated surveys as well as smaller jobs requiring rapid reactions.

We can proudly state that up to this point the most extensive traffic noise and noise protection surveys in Finland, geographically and regionally, have been implemented by us.

For the purpose of implementing noise surveys, we have versatile calculation software and noise measurement equipment at our disposal. We take the special characteristics of noise surveys into account and manage the process from beginning to end. This way we are able to qualitatively realize, in a customer-oriented manner, both small and large noise surveys.

For vibration surveys, we have high-quality expertise marked by professionally skills, and we are able to comprehensively implement vibration measurements and prevention planning.

Products and services:

  • Noise surveys and modelling (e.g. traffic-, industry- and motor sports-based noise)
  • Noise protection planning
  • Noise measurements
  • Vibration surveys
  • Vibration protection planning