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Municipal Engineering

A human-sized, viable urban and living environment requires a large number of specialists in various fields to see birth. Our experts in municipal engineering offer their expertise for the design of city centres, streets, areas and water resource planning. We function in close cooperation with our company’s other departments, which ensures the harmonization of our plans’ multidisciplinary nature and technical perspectives.

Our strength cityscape-wise is the planning of significant and challenging targets as well as project management in cooperation with other specialist interests.

Some of our most important design products are:

Planning of city centres
• Master plans
• Street plans
• Construction plans
• Area plans

Street and route planning
• Main streets and routes
• Streets in zone areas
• Access arrangements
• Master plans
• Street plans
• Construction plans

Water resource planning
• Development and master plans
• Network and line planning
• Pump station planning
• Water resource planning for sparsely populated areas
• Management plans for storm waters and seepage surveys
• Maintenance consulting and surveys

Regional planning
• Obstacle-free access
• Flood protection planning
• Parking lots
• Bus stops

Special targets and surveys
• Technical and economic surveys connected with the field as well as cost management
• Planning instructions and surveys supporting them
• Frost protection systems