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We offer logistics research and development services as well as calculation models that assess freight traffic environmental and financial impacts.

Our wide range of clientele includes ministries, route authorities, the EU Commission, regional officials, cities, municipalities, enterprises and organizations in the transport and logistics field. We function in both domestic and international projects.

Sito’s expertise in enterprise logistics gives you the opportunity to look at the total logistics costs of your business and to direct development measures to right part of the delivery chain. Development measures are not limited to storage and transport, but our analysis can be used to model the effect of production processes on logistics costs.

Our services

Enterprise logistics

– Logistics development surveys
– Warehouse management development
– Factory logistics
– Return logistics (incl. spare parts, recycling, etc.)
– Calculation model for logistics-based overall expenses
– Development of supply chains
– A compiling-based information service (ICT management solutions)


– With models, it is possible to examine the entire transport chain as well as transfers between various transport modes
– Assessment of transport systems-based changes and impacts on both the local and international level
– Making transport more efficient

Areal and city logistics

– Logistics surveys linked with transport system plans
– Regional logistics surveys
– City logistics surveys

Logistics centers

– Planning of logistics centers
– Business plans

Freight traffic and operating environment surveys

– Surveys connected with freight traffic
– Operating environment analyses
– Transport corridor surveys

Logistics: international R&D

– EU projects and international consortia
– Transport corridors and modelling
– Supply chains-based management and green logistics

Waste logistics

– Waste logistics surveys
– Best Practice analyses and development of operating models
– Optimization of waste transport
– Economy calculations

Training days

– Logistics course for public administration decision-makers, officials and planners as well as regional developers
– Logistics course for corporate management