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Lighting design

Our goal is to positively impact the experience of dark periods. At best, illumination creates an enjoyable and aesthetic environment in which cityscape and landscape after dark as well as the road’s traffic environment form a segmented entity to facilitate orientation. Everyday routes should be safe, non-impeded and accessible, regardless of the mobility mode. Lighting that is customer-oriented and takes users’ needs into account should also be durable, energy-effective and aesthetic.

Our expertise covers the outdoor lighting sectors from city centres and parks to streets, roads and tunnels, not forgetting façade lighting and light art. Our services cover the entire design process from outdoor lighting feasibility studies and general plans to construction plans. We also offer specialist services connected with outdoor lighting and give expert help during construction period.

Our competent and innovative team is made up of experts with versatile experience and various educational backgrounds who together find the best solutions to each planning target. In complex and challenging projects, we have learnt to understand the importance of cooperation. Successful result require wide-range cooperation with planners in various engineering sectors as well as customers and other related officials.