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Geotechnical planning

The importance of geotechnical engineering in building projects is growing with the increase in the built-up environment and terms stipulated by nature, the acceleration of land use, and the reduction in the accessibility of construction materials and the growth in demands placed on them.

Geoplanning is the systematic harmonization of structures- and soil-based features and possibilities, with the goal of increased safety, the prevention of collapsing, reliable establishment and the elimination of detrimental depressions and frost. The management of ground water and surface water is a significant factor in achieving the goal.

Moreover, with geotechnological engineering it is possible to positively influence many kinds of environmental protection with regard to functionality and economy perspectives.

With Sito’s firm geotechnical engineering, it is possible to clarify the most economical site and manner of building various types of objects and their multidisciplinary entities, such as:

  • Traffic routes: roads, streets, railways, water routes
  • Bridges, skill-based and environmental structures
  • Regional, industrial and housebuilding projects
  • Port and water-related construction projects
  • Sport and sport site areas
  • Water and energy maintenance as well as data transfer networks