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Environmental surveys and assessments

We offer surveys linked with environmental protection, the living environs and people; we look after assessment and permit processes, and we prepare surveys connected with the use of areas.

In the work of our experienced specialists, the management of environmental matters and predictability are combined with other community structures and planning. We strive towards close and interactive cooperation with the customer and tailor the projects to respond to the customer’s needs.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Assessment of environmental impacts is enacted in law, and the impacts of the project are examined holistically in the assessments on:

  • people
  • land use
  • nature
  • the landscape
  • their mutual interactive relations in accordance with the Act on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Procedure and related decree.

Our experts have wide experience in the environmental impacts-based assessment of various projects as well as environmental surveys. Both EIA and survey projects are multifaceted and generally also contain zoning, interaction and planning-related procedures. Owing to its wide scope, our specialists participate in environmental surveys from several fields.

Our EIA expertise covers, in a versatile manner, the following sectors, for instance: energy, soil, ports and water traffic, windmill parks, traffic.

Environmental surveys

A customer-oriented and interactive approach is essential to us. This means close cooperation with customers and various parties in the various stages of planning. With respect to environmental surveys, this means finding the best technologies, approaches and solutions with the customer in an environmentally approvable manner with links to the authorities.

We offer comprehensively basic and current status surveys, procedural proposals, solution models connected with overall solutions from projects to construction contracting, as well as the management of information and property together with the upkeep of areas.


  • Various separate surveys,
    • for instance, noise and vibration, ground and surface water, nature, air quality, emissions, contaminated land and sediments
  • Processing and technologies related to water, silts and sediments
    • mappings and assessments of risk objects as well as impact assessments
  • Surveys of beneficial use of various materials / masses