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Coordination of Regional Construction Projects, Project and Cost Management

A regional construction project comprises various different parts starting from zoning phase all the way to construction contracts and building of new infrastructure. The planning as well as the follow-up starts already in the planning-phase and the development of the region continues years after successful completion of the project.

Regional construction projects differ from the usual construction project in its size and importance to different parties, there is no sole factor. There are several things that must be considered for a successful project. The most essential elements are thorough planning, cost-effectiveness and the timeline of the project. Through years of experience and extensive knowledge in both national and international realms , we provide assistance with expertise in all of the aspects of the project management such as:

• managing the timing of a project,
• coordinating multiple projects,
• coordinating traffic arrangements
• risk management or risk evaluation in all aspects: costs, safety, construction site traffic effects, and risk and safety management at the construction site.
• administration and information management
• administration and forehand planning of final and ecological repository of the excavation products

Cost management in large construction and development projects

Identified key factors

  • The project has several parties and designers
  • Planning and grouping of cost calculation prior to actual calculation process
    • Significant impact on reporting and QA
    • The aim of the grouping is problem-free cost alignment
  • Uniform instructions to all parties of the process
  • Quality assurance throughout the project
    • Documentation, collaboration, continuous monitoring
  • QA of costs together with technology experts


  • Planning of the calculation process and drawing-up of instructions
  • Calculation instructions and coordination
    • Planner instructions and guidance in cost estimates
    • Participation in planning meetings; technology fields, control group
  • Calculation compilation
    • Planners’ calculations are compiled into one cost estimate
  • Calculation checks and additions
    • Detailed QA by technology field, additions if required
    • Eg. Bridges, Street, municipal engineering, lighting, Geo, Tram
  • Reporting
  • Cost estimate
    • Cost report
    • Statistics
    • Delivered in stages as parts are completed and as required
    • Reporting of reasons for possible cost changes
  • Continuous monitoring of calculations
  • Continuous monitoring and Quality Assurance
    • Participation in planning commission meetings and active communication
    • Planning parameters, starrting information and research results
    • Technical scope of the project
    • Statistics

Project Plan

  • Describes the project’s implementation responsibilities, order and schedule.
  • Is a project management tool
  • Contains information about project implementation and further planning
  • The project plan describes the entire project to be implemented
  • The project plan includes several stages, for instance:
  • Target setting
  • Project specification
  • Organizing the project, establishing the project organization and tasks
  • Planning and reporting of the technical scope of the project
  • Schedule planning
  • Cost planning
  • Environmental management
  • Control system design
    • Project management
    • Communication and interaction
    • Data management
    • Planning instructions
    • Risk management

The coordination service is tailored to customer’s wishes.
Focus of the coordination evolves  according to customer’s needs and as the project progresses. Our services allow the use of customer tailored information services (eg LOUHI- service), which together with our experts helps to identify and foresee risks, ensures the effective coordination of the projects and provides cost-effective solutions for the implementation of the projects.