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Auditing services

We offer services for the auditing of telecommunications network construction We carry out final reviews of base station construction sites and worksite surveillance during construction. Our services are also available for troubleshooting and solving customer problems.

The final review includes an inspection and evaluation of structural factors related to the implementation, and photography of installations. We carry out an inspection visit at the site and draft a final report on the review accordant with the customer’s norms. We also perform construction surveillance on the worksite during construction in the manner agreed with the customer.

Our troubleshooting and customer problem-solving services are available to mobile operators. We carry out field surveys with routine based on the data provided by the customer. Our communication with both our operator customers and service end-users is fluent. While on site we always act in a professional manner without causing disturbance to the customer. We draft troubleshooting documents accordant with the customer’s norms.

Our ICT solutions enable efficient field operations along with comprehensive and visual documents of site inspections.