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Architect services


Architecture is art, construction and investment. A good result realizes the client’s operational and aesthetic needs within the context of the given budget. It also fulfils the needs of the general good as part of the supplementing cityscape. Finally, it also fulfils its actors’ artistic aims. Architecture represents applied arts, and there can be many different kinds of solutions for good architecture.

The Customer

The task of architecture is to look for new solutions to the needs of the client and to select as well as develop, with the client, a solution that implements the above-mentioned aims. An architect uses the money of others – this imposes great responsibility. In architecture, the user is not only the client but other people as well. We can choose the home, concert or art exhibition we want, but we cannot change our environment. Thus each building has a user circle wider than its client. Every target must be seen as part of a city in constant change.


Architectural planning requires creativity and creative individuals. In demanding projects, it also requires group work.  It is part of our planning culture that the designers in our offices trust and respect each other, which enables free atmosphere for discussion. In order to ensure the quality of the final product, we apply, for example, self-transfer where the plans are tested in our own group before we turn the work over to the customer.

Information technology and digital image processing support creativity. Information modelling enables the realistic illustration of the plan and cost-monitoring throughout the entire project. This also facilitates the client’s decision-making.