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Aino Management

Aino is an easy and rapid way to acquire all geospatial data materials required by a project or the organization from one central place. We offer overall services. We look after the collection, maintenance, distribution and contract management associated with the data.


  • Geospatial data materials are in various sources and various forms – such as on paper, as files or entirely uncollected.
  • Many users and overlapping information.
  • Acquisition and management of information from various sources is troublesome, time-consuming and expensive.

The solution

  • Turnkey service – geospatial data ready and appropriate for the customer’s information systems or as an interface service.
  • Aino is a service solution for the acquisition, storage, maintenance and distribution of geospatial data as well as map, terrain model and aerial photo materials.


  • You avoid overlapping material acquisitions as well as ensuring the effective utilization of materials in various applications.
  • You can concentrate on your core operations as we look after all material collection, maintenance, distribution and related contract management.