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Markus Väyrynen appointed first CEO of Sitowise

Sitowise, an expert company in building and infrastructure construction design and consultancy, has appointed Markus Väyrynen its first CEO. Sitowise, born in the merger of Wise Group Finland Oy and Sito Oy, begins operations according to the new organisation model starting from January 1st, 2017.

European Space Agency financing for the WONDER-project of SITO and the Finnish Environment Institute

The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded financing to SITO and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) for the development of an innovative watercourse monitoring system. The service being developed utilises new, accurate data provided by the Sentinel satellite, a positioning system, observations made by citizens with the help of mobile devices and automatic water quality measuring. The system will be implemented for Sito’s LOUHI geospatial data system.

A great Finnish company was born

Sito and Wise Group have merged and our new name is SITOWISE. Sitowise is an expert company in housing and infrastructure construction with 1,100 employees. We provide our customers with all planning, design, expert and digital services for construction projects under one roof.

Sito took part in the World Bank Land & Poverty conference

Kari Tuukkanen and Oskari Liukkonen of Sito’s Digital Services took part in the World Bank Land & Poverty conference in Washington D.C. on 20.-24.3.2017. The conference is one of the largest international events in the field of land governance and GIS with over 1300 participants from over 120 countries.

Sito’s planning and consultation services awarded ISO9001 certification

Sito’s integrated management system was awarded a management system certification on 12 December 2016. The management system meets the requirements of the most recent SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard. At this stage, the certification covers the Planning and consulting services business. The certification is in effect for three years from the grant date.

Happy holidays!

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for the past year. We wish you peaceful Christmas time and Happy New Year. This year we will participate in [...]

Sito accelerates to the lead of city modelling

The EUE project crystallized the business model and created foundations for smart data model management, speeding up the launch of digital services with high export potential.

Espoo seeks sustainability certification for Niittykumpu

Niittykumpu is one of the centers included in the Länsimetro development corridor. The size of the key area is approximately 50 ha. The new building stock planned in the area amounts to more than 250,000 floor square meters, consisting mostly of apartment buildings. The Niittykumpu center is City of Espoo’s first BREEAM Communities project.

Sito to lead impact assessment development

IMPERIA (Improving environmental assessment by adopting good practices and tools of multi-criteria decision analysis) is a joint project of the Finnish Environment Institute, the University of Jyväskylä, the Thule Institute of the University of Oulu, Ramboll Oy and Sito Oy, which strives to make EIA/SEA processes more systematic, transparent and interactive and to increase cooperation and dialog within the industry.

Sito’s team victorious in innovation competition in Lahti, Finland

Mokša, an adaptable piece of urban furniture, is a well-crafted and realizable competition entry, which enables the integration of other smart services – such as mobile phone charging, the distribution of information or a base station, into a structure or cabin – commented the competition jury.

Results of Sito’s customer study 2016

Compared to the previous year’s results, our customers’ image of Sito as a service company has improved in terms of almost every aspect and indicator. For this we thank our customers and everyone at Sito!

The extension of Helsinki Airport is also a major infrastructure site

All in all, the extension of the airport towards Terminal 2 is a huge project not just in terms of its scale but especially because it is being carried out within the existing infrastructure, without disturbing the operation of the airport. For Sito, contributing to the project represents a great opportunity to showcase its expertise.

Subterranean parking lot in the center of Tapiola opens to business

With more than 400,000 cubic meters of space, Tapiola’s central parking lot is a huge parking cavern. It was built as a side-project to the West Metro and designed during the construction works. Nevertheless, the geotechnical works were actually completed ahead of schedule.

Meripaviljonki awarded the Builder’s Rose

The floating restaurant Meripaviljonki in Hakaniemi was granted the Helsinki Construction Committee’s prestigious award. Sito was responsible for the Meripaviljonki’s geotechnical engineering.

Sito 40 years: always on the cutting edge

Major regional development projects, a breakthrough in building information modeling in the infrastructure industry, new services and internationalization are keeping Sito busy in the midst of the celebrations.

Learning the basics of BIM at your own pace

Sito is teaching BIM-based road design to future infrastructure professionals at Metropolia. The video training was first developed and perfected in Sito’s internal training.

Sito expands to Norway

The acquisition of Norwegian consulting company Asenso As is in alignment with Sito’s growth strategy while providing Sito’s current employees with great opportunities in interesting Norwegian projects.

Urban design project in China

Sito has launched its first urban design projects in China, in the city of Changyang, which wants to benefit from Sito’s design expertise and competence

Transport goes electric in the Nordic countries

All the Nordic countries have acknowledged that electric cars will form a part of future transport systems, but the stage of development and investments made to promote this varies by country. During the fall, we learned about the goals and methods to further the electrification of transport in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

Sito involved in studying the impacts of online retail for urban areas

Sito has been involved in drawing up the first large-scale report on the impacts of online retail. Several reports had been made earlier on online retail, with the focus on a specific subarea, sector or product group. Clear overall surveys on online retailing and its impact had not been made in Finland or elsewhere, for that matter, so this report was almost the first of its kind in the world.

3D City Model Hackathon was a success!

Sito, Aalto University and the City of Espoo organized the 3D City Model Hackathon event at Aalto Design Factory on 9-11 October as part of the Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE) project.

BIM used in infrastructure design every day

Building information modeling (BIM) is an invaluable tool in infrastructure planning. Everyone involved in the planning process, from professionals to residents along the route being designed, are satisfied with the system. Even the flying squirrels living in the forests along the Highway 6 in Kouvola might one day thank the planners, once someone comes up with an idea of how to interview them.

Karelian Gold Rush 2015

Karelian Gold Rush 2015 is a global exploration challenge hosted by Endomines Oy. Endomines will provide contestants with all relevant research data concerning the Karelian Gold Line. Sito has developed a map-based service called Louhi, which will be used to manage all data relating to the contest and distribute the data to contestants.

Sito’s experts and expertise at the 2015 FEM Conference

The internationally recognized FEM (Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining) Conference will be held this year on November 3rd–5th at the Levi Summit Congress & Exhibition Center in Levi, Finland. Sito will be taking part in the event for the first time.

Seinäjoki to be first to make MaaS a reality?

In Seinäjoki, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is advancing at a rapid speed towards a concrete pilot project. Background support for the pilot project and, in a broader context, the modernisation of passenger traffic is provided by policy guidelines included in the new Government Programme.

MaaS is already close to being a reality

In Finland, Mobility as a Service is moving from the hype phase towards real development projects and practical implementation. One good example of this is Case Seinäjoki, which was introduced at SITO’s MaaS seminar at the beginning of June.

New information on the sediment-related effects of sea disposal

The effects of sea disposal on the marine environment are usually clearly visible during the disposal work. The observation of long-term effects is more difficult. Moreover, only a limited amount of research information is available on these effects.

A city model is a digital interface for smart cities

With their partners, the City of Espoo and Sito Ltd have joined RYM Ltd’s EUE program to leap to the forefront of digitalization in city planning and building. In digitalization, the key solution lies in a city model, which is integrated with city processes and can enable genuine and complex interaction.

From base maps to 3D city models

A Master’s thesis by Sito’s employee Oskari Liukkonen, The path of municipal geographical information from base maps to 3D city models, is a part of a 3D city model project (KM3D) carried out by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and BuildingSmart. Liukkonen’s thesis provides municipalities with guidance on how to replace base maps with city models

Offering of mining services wrapped up

SITO has in-depth knowledge of mining operations and processes, alongside expertise in project management and implementation. Wherever specialist skills in the extractive industry are needed, SITO can provide the required expertise.

All seasons are cycling seasons in Joensuu

Joensuu is a town for walking and cycling. The share of journeys made on foot or by bicycle is larger than the national average, and in 2014, Joensuu was selected the as cycling municipality of the year. Merits that earned this recognition include the determined development of cycling conditions in the town and the ambitious approach to promoting cycling. Over the years, Sito has been involved in several projects concerning the development of cycling opportunities in Joensuu.

Power-driven bicycles to challenge cars on short journeys

Flexible and easy-to-use, the pedelec has many benefits. It is not yet widely known in Finland, unlike in the rest of the world. As cycling, even with the help of electricity, represents a smart and sustainable mode of transport, the Finnish Transport Agency and Trafi wish to join forces to promote the use of pedelecs in Finland. Activities planned to promote the use of pedelecs are presented in a new report.  

How will outdoor recreation areas be used and developed in the future?

In 2014, a plan was drawn up by Sito for the development of the outdoor recreation areas owned by the City of Helsinki to the west of the Helsinki municipal boundary. This plan took into account the perspectives of the users, the City Sports Department, and the service providers. The recreation areas concerned were Lähteelä, Elisaari, Karjakaivo, Pirttimäki, Luukki, Vaakkoi, and Salmi. Today, these areas are used for hiking, cycling, skiing, boating, camping, and caravaning

Sito is involved in work on the last section of the E18 motorway

The Finnish Transport Agency has made a procurement decision regarding the service provider to build the E18 Hamina–Vaalimaa motorway on a public-private partnership (PPP) basis. A consortium formed by Meridiam Infrastructure and YIT Rakennus Oy has been selected to implement the service agreement.

Developing the future of railroad traffic

High-speed, comfortable, easy, environmentally friendly – railroad traffic has a bright future ahead of it, and Sito wants to be increasingly involved in its development.

Sito is planning the west metro extension

Sito is involved in planning the extension of the west metro from Matinkylä to Soukka. This section includes three metro stations and over four kilometers of rail tunnel

Infrastructure planning at Helsinki Airport

Finavia has chosen Sito as the infrastructure planner of Helsinki Airport. Finavia is investing in major developments at the airport in the coming years, in preparation for increasing its transit traffic capacity.

Through InfraBIM development projects into an everyday tool

Besides housing construction, information modelling has also been quickly adopted in projects of all sizes related to regional construction and infrastructure. Sito has been actively involved in the development of infrastructural information modelling.

Mobility as a service?

Our mobility can change even in the near future – perhaps more than we can imagine. Mobility as a service will open up new possibilities. Visit >>

Innovative ideas and new trends from Europe

This year, five study trips have been arranged during which we have, together with our customers and cooperation partners, learnt comprehensively about urban planning, commercial projects, housing trends, and road tunnels in various parts of Europe.

Art in our environment

Art has a significant position in a built environment. It is pleasing, surprising and entertaining. Environmental art will create an identity for new areas and even prevent graffiti.

Sito and Nordplan As to cooperate

In line with its new strategy, Sito is aiming at the international market. Sito has just signed a cooperation agreement with Nordplan As.

Urban modeling on the way

City of Vantaa Building Control would like to make greater use of digital information model data to increase its operational efficiency and to improve the quality of building. Sito developed a 4D urban model of the Kivistö area for Vantaa.

Sito is involved in the Construction Site of the Year

The renovation of the National Library of Finland has been chosen as the “Construction Site of the Year 2014.” The selection was made by an expert jury invited by the Finnish construction industry publication Rakennuslehti. Sito is responsible for geotechnical planning for the project.

Going to Norway

In line with its new strategy, Sito is aiming at the international market, primarily targeting Norway, Sweden and China. Sito has just signed a frame agreement with a Norwegian customer.

Sito is involved in KymiRing

A driver training and motor sports centre on an international scale is planned to be implemented in Finland. KymiRing is located in South-Eastern Finland in Tillola, Iitti. Sito has been deeply involved in the planning of this first motor sports centre in Finland, including its environmental impact assessment in accordance with the Act on Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure.

Sito as a producer of traffic volume data on Finland’s road network

In addition to sample counts carried out on the road network, the comprehensive service includes data services during the count period, the modelling of count data into traffic indicators as well as their export into the Finnish Transport Agency’s road register, and service development.

Kivisydän parking facility in Oulu

A new underground parking facility called Kivisydän is under construction in Oulu. The project will also entail moving service and delivery transportation underground in central Oulu.

eService network for local authorities in Lapland

Sito created an eService network map service for the Regional Council of Lapland. The map service enables the illustrating of current datasets from municipalities or regions on a map and the planning and measuring of changes. The eService network map service is a new addition to the range of products and services at Sito.

Sito designs a safe, green motorway

The ‘E18 Koskenkylä–Kotka’ project run by the Pulteri consortium received the ‘Worksite of the year’ award and is ahead of schedule. Sito is involved in the design work.

Sito involved in designing the southern parts of Engelinranta

The City of Hämeenlinna organised a partnership competition with the objective of finding ideas to form the basis for the town plan of the southern part of Engelinranta and a partner to construct the area. The City Board has decided on the winner, and the victory went to ”Vanajan kosketus” (“Touch of Vanaja”) by Construction company  Jatke Oy. Sito Oy is one of the members of the winning team. Nine works took part in the competition.

Sito involved in Worksite of the Year 2013

Rakennuslehti magazine selected the E18 road construction project between Koskenkylä and Kotka, carried out by TYL Pulteri, as the winner of the Worksite of the Year competition. Sito was strongly involved in the planning of the motorway together with Ramboll and Destia. Sito designed the “calling card” of the project, the Ahvenkoski bowstring girder bridge, the Markkinamäki tunnel and around one third of the roads and bridges in the project.

Sito to draw up Pasila–Riihimäki rail plan

On 6 September 2013, Sito signed an agreement with the Finnish Transport Agency concerning the drawing up of a railway plan for the railway line between Pasila and Riihimäki. The purpose of the railway plan is to specify improvement measures at various stations and on the section of line between Kyrölä and Purola to enhance traffic capacity between Pasila and Riihimäki.

Sito wins ideas and design competition for roundabouts in Joensuu city centre

The City of Joensuu held a combined ideas and design competition for roundabouts in the city centre, including their street environment and appearance in the cityscape. On 6 September 2013, the jury announced that the winner of the competition is PUNOS, the entry submitted by the Sito working group.

Sito a member of the winning team in the competition for the Keski-Pasila Centre Block in Helsinki

Helsinki and the government evaluation group are proposing that the entry ‘Tripla-keskus’ submitted by YIT be declared with winner of the design and implementation competition for the Keski-Pasila area. ‘Tripla-keskus’ will be located in the area of the former marshalling yard next to Pasila station, linking Itä-Pasila to the east of the railway line and Länsi-Pasila to the west.

Sito joins Cleantech Finland

Sito has signed a membership agreement with Cleantech Finland. Sito considers that cleantech collaboration will support the company’s aims and create new opportunities.