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Josefiina Saarnikko, B. Sc. (Tech.), Road Department

In fact, Josefiina Saarikko (23) is so close to completing her studies that we could say she is a Master of Science in Technology. Josefiina began her studies in autumn 2012, so she will be completing them within an exceptionally short period, only four and a half years. The topic of Josefiina’s thesis is nomenclature of infrastructure management.

“Road planning is interesting and down to earth, real basic engineering!”

Josefiina, whose main subject at Aalto University has been traffic engineering and IT, is exceptionally energetic, and she does not dawdle in making decisions, either. In the beginning, her main subject was water and environmental engineering. But chance intervened. Her first summer job at the Uusimaa ELY Centre, which had to do with road maintenance, and the second one at Sito’s Road Department convinced Josefiina that she needed to change her main subject.

“I had traffic engineering and IT as a minor subject, but as I learned more about the field in the summer jobs, I realised how ideal it was for me. It is basic engineering – interesting and down to earth,” says Josefiina.

Working at Sito also seemed to be right up her alley, and she has really enjoyed working here.

Josefiina has done information modelling for some of the Road Department’s most challenging and interesting infrastructure planning projects, such as the Kruunusillat project and the expansion of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The infrastructure construction at Helsinki-Vantaa is at full swing. The airport terminal will be expanded hugely, by 75,000 square metres. The project is implemented by an alliance made up of Finavia, Destia and Sito, which is responsible for the planning. A total of around 30 Sito employees participate in the planning, and the entire planning, all sectors included, is implemented based on information modelling.

The Kruunusillat bridge project, in turn, is still very much at the planning stage. The project, which has attracted a lot of attention, will combine Laajasalo, Korkeasaari ja Kalasatama with the Helsinki downtown area by means of a tramline. The project will also provide a quick route, with a splendid view to the sea, for pedestrians and cyclists. The most visible part of the project comprises three bridges, one of which – Kruunuvuorensilta – will be the longest bridge in Finland.

When Josefiina takes the Master’s degree, she will have a job at Sito, and interesting infrastructure projects lie ahead, so she will have work to do. Safe employment prospects are certainly one of the reasons why the field is so attractive. They provide security in the ever changing world.

And what makes future work duties interesting is that the future promises to be not only full of work but also a bit obscure, in an interesting way.  The field is in turmoil. The realisation of many MaaS services requires strong development of the current infrastructure.

Finland’s and Sito’s infrastructure knowhow is in high demand, and Josefiina would very much like to participate in international projects in the future and to travel on business. She would not want to move abroad completely, however, at least not just yet, for she has a dynamic hobby that keeps her in Finland.

Josefiina started playing ringette when she was five, and she is now playing at competition level. Rehersals and games take up her evenings and weekends. The home in Helsinki she shares with Nica, a blue tortoise Exotic cat.

Text: Dakota Lavento