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Jaakko Rintamäki, SocScM, Senior Specialist, Transport, Kuopio

There is plenty of work to do in the development of public transport as well as opportunities, regardless of one's educational background. For example, there’s a shortage of experts in service design and visualization. Send in an open application and provide your reasons why you think you are the person Sito needs.

When the passenger transport strategy of East Finland was formulated at the outset of 2013, Jaakko Rintamäki was very much a part of the action. As part of East Finland’s passenger traffic strategy effort, he was implementing a development project for North Savo’s ELY Centre for demand responsive transport (DRT) services. There is an endeavour going on in Finland to develop a trouble-free and economical way to travel that starts on the basis of the requirements to take care of everyday errands and commuting. DRT is one possibility as an enabler of better service and more flexible everyday travel than before.

Jaakko is a fast-developed specialist in future service-oriented public transport, with whom time flies unnoticed in the discussion of traffic services that will already be feasible in the near future. He settles right into the problems of community-oriented traffic services as project manager of the {i>Oma kyyti <i}(‘Own Ride’) project, which is developing from scratch on the basis of innovation and experimentation.

“There are indeed means to do it, like opening up markets and the processing of car-sharing concepts. In the current public transport services, there are shortcomings, and we must clarify what people really need and what sorts of services they would like to have. We could also produce transport services on the community level unless legislation and old habits limit them,” he says.

Jaakko emphasises that the use of public transport should be both easy and comfortable. Usability and customer-orientation should come before system orientation.

Jaakko, who studied political sociology at the University of Joensuu, became interested in the development of public services. In 2012, he was offered a job at Sito’s offices in Kuopio
in the development of public transport and traffic systems. “Service and transport planning, innovation and design of new types of services,” he volunteers.

Born and raised in Ähtäri, Jaakko, his wife and daughter moved from Joensuu to Kuopio with pleasure, since the journey was not far. “I’ve already managed over a short period to be involved in quite a few project,” he declares. In developing transport, a rather heavily mixed group of people in terms of their educational backgrounds work at Sito. A social scientist and an engineer look at matters from differing perspectives, which represents great enrichment.

Although it is easy to dive deeply into interesting work, time is sufficient for both the family and for hobbies. Jaakko practises music in his free time and plays both piano and guitar.