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Sito a member of the winning team in the Valionranta and Koskipuisto Area Competition in Rovaniemi, Finland

The City of Rovaniemi held the Valionranta and Koskipuisto area land use and construction design competition. The competition board unanimously selected the “Iltatuulen viesti” proposal as the winner. The winning joint team consists of Sito Oy, Kukkola-yhtiöt Oy, Arkkitehtitoimisto Viiri-Ylinenpää Oy and Studio Lumart.

The competition area is 19 hectares and is located on the east side of the city center on the Kemijoki river, next to Ounasvaara mountain. The competition goals were to renew the land-use of the area, while maintaining a good quality environment and connectivity to the out-bounding recreational areas. Also sought after, was a proposal on how the area can be developed for tourism and maintained as a central recreational area for the citizens. The plan proposal was to take in to account pathways along the shoreline and to Ounasvaara mountain as well as round the year usage. The competition proposals will be used in drafting the area master plan.

The competition board commended the winning proposal stating that it included well adaptive architecture, while maintaining a focus on landscape and nature. The view from downtown city center will stay parklike. New constructions are positioned skillfully intertwined with current green spaces. Densification allows the Koskipuisto park area to be developed greenly.

Sito’s role in the winning proposal included drafting the overall concept with functional alternatives and solutions, traffic planning and pathways for pedestrians and ski-doos. Pirkka Hartikainen was Sito’s project leader.

“The area is especially important to the citizens of Rovaniemi as a recreational area and beach with a scenic view to Ounasvaara mountain. In our proposal, we aimed at maintaining the central areas in public use. We also wanted to propose commercial functions along with residential development.” says Head of department Pirkka Hartikainen.

The call for participation competition had three teams chosen, and the winner was announced June 23rd 2014.