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Information Modelling Will Revolutionise the Planning Process

Sito is a pioneer in the development of information model based planning.

Experiences from various pilot projects have supported the notion that the information modelling of infrastructure helps enhance operations by minimizing mistakes and waste and by harmonizing procedures.

Sito, with Juha Liukas in the lead, has a strong presence in the InfraFINBIM work package related to the PRE programme run by RYM Oy. The aim is to achieve a systemic change from the traditional phase-based thinking to a smart lifecycle service production concept that takes all component areas, actors and functions into account and leverages information models. At the same time, an InfraBIM nomenclature is being developed to expand the current building element nomenclature for the purposes of information modelling. Modelling guidelines are being outlined to to determine what is to be modelled and how.

A major step in establishing information modelling in the infrastructure sector was taken at the beginning of May: the Finnish Transport Agency and all major Finnish cities require the use of the Inframodel3 (IM3) data transfer format for all projects starting after 1 May.

With InfraFINBIM, the number of information modelling experts in the participating organizations has multiplied. This is an area of interest to young employees. Two theses on information modelling are in preparation at Sito: Annukka Kylmälä is studying the use of information modelling in general planning, while Maija Carlstedt is studying the information model based inspection of a road plan.

The Sito Road Day on 22 May 2014 focused on information modelling in transport route planning. The day included a presentation of infrastructure information management in the future and how information modelling can be leveraged from the client’s and the contractor’s point of view.